Dear Izzy

Today we had a play date with your friend down the street. She has two dogs that you have never met. You love dogs, but haven’t quite realized that you can’t move so suddenly and quickly around them. While trying to kiss and hug one, I think you did so too tight and the dog got scared and scratched you on your cheek. You cried and cried and mommy was so sad. Luckily you cheered up and carried on with the play date like a champ. When you got home you saw the scratch in the mirror and became very self conscious. It was the first time I saw you so worried about what others would think and it melted my heart. You told me you didn’t want to go any places tomorrow or until it got better. You were worried what Kindergarten would think of you and whether they would say you looked funny.
I hope I was able to make you feel better and safe, and to know you are beautiful no matter what. I can’t always protect you but will do my best. I smeared neosporian all over you just now. Hope it helps. You are always amazing in my book.

Another Mom Gripe

After a recent clean-up of the toy room, which took several hours I might add, I have come to the conclusion that dolls - whether Barbie, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, etc. - should just not come with shoes. Why do they need shoes in the first place? Does anyone think a 5-yr old will actually hang on to all those shoes? And what about mom? She just has the pleasure of stepping on them. They hurt - a lot - btw.

Open Letter to Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

Dear Stonyfield Farm Yogurt,

You have to know that every kid in America likes your yogurt and then you go and switch it all up on us moms. Totally uncool. 

I am sure you like to “innovate,” but seriously, it’s yogurt. My kids like the ones where they can’t see the fruit. No fruit on the bottom. No seeds. Nadda.

They don’t like Greek yogurt either. They are old enough to remember your old packaging and really liked your individual containers - full-size - that came in a million flavors like strawberry, vanilla, mango, blueberry and more. Your brand used to take up an entire section at the grocery store - all of the ones I frequent - and now there is hardly any of your product on the shelf. I used to goto Whole Foods and buy out all of the Mango Honey flavor from them, which I understood was an exclusive flavor for that store. It was delicious. What gives?

Now the only product of yours my kids will eat is the large Banilla in the container that I have to put into bowls or the individual smaller 4-pack of strawberry. I believe these are the smooth and creamy category. My kids used to eat these in their lunch every day and also at home. Now there is only one grocery store out of the four in my area that carries the 4-packs. 

What happened? An unhappy customer here …

Five whole years. I can’t believe it. Never thought you two would ever be five - that’s so old! This year’s theme was Wreck-It Ralph, mainly focused on the Sugar Rush portion of the movie and of course and Vanellope!

We did a little party at home with family and some of your close friends so that Mommy could have some fun with decorations. We had a bounce house that was nicely left by the rental folks for a few days so we got to really enjoy it (thank you Taylor Rental). 

You both were so excited for the party, and of course, the presents. It was a wonderful week of celebrations. What a milestone. Next stop, Kindergarten! Not ready …

Zoe Says …

"Mom, I think you need to wipe off my face paint so Roman’s kitty doesn’t want to fight me." 

Note: Zoe had her face painted like a dog that morning. It wasn’t very convincing as her 8 and 6 yr old friends did the artwork. It did say “lick” on the side of her cheek, something that didn’t sit well with daddy. HA!

Mom To All

Dad falls asleep downstairs with our pooch Bella. So when Bella has to go out in the morning, she comes upstairs to get me instead of bothering him - mind you she slept on the couch with him. Apparently this whole mom thing applies to everyone in the house.

Today we had a birthday party to goto at the beach. With the way the weather has been lately I was kind of dreading it, but it was with great friends and the weather turned out to be amazing. It was such a nice way to kick off the summer and made me realize how lucky I am to have made such wonderful friends though the girls’ school. 

Dear Izzy & Zoe,

Last night we were sitting on the hammock looking up at the sky. We saw airplanes, clouds, tree tops and a robin and a blue jay chasing each other. I said they were chasing each other out of their territory and you said they were best friends playing tag and hide & seek. Izzy had her music on listening to Nikki Minaj “Moment For Life.” It was pretty much perfect.

xo me